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Most preparation courses primarily deliver information to students, but earning a high standardized test score, like the ACT, requires more than just knowledge of answers. It necessitates emotional and psychological readiness. Despite students taking preparation courses, many still fall below the national average score due to inadequate preparedness for the rigorous demands of the test. This includes stamina, fortitude, and stress management across subjects like English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.

Victoria Preparatory's tutoring and coaching goes beyond the mere dissemination of rules and theories. Our approach stands out as we tailor our instruction to cater to each student's unique requirements. Through research-based literacy strategies, practice tests, homework assignments, and mock exams, we provide comprehensive preparation, guiding students step by step. Our goal is to prepare students thoroughly, addressing all facets of the assessments and ensuring they are well-equipped for success.

  • Victoria Preparatory Tutors know the tests inside and out.
  • Time-tested curriculum backed by research.
  • Personalized programs that build on your child's weaknesses, while improving their strenghts to their highest potential.

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A strong ACT/SAT test score is one of the most important criteria used by college admissions officers. Trust your child's test scores to a Victoria Preparatory Tutor. We'll give them the tools and confidence they need to get into the schools they desire and you the piece of mind knowing that you did what's best for your child.

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One Day SAT Prep Class


  • 9AM - 4PM

One Day SAT Prep Class


  • 9AM - 4PM


Victoria Preparatory has made an impact on many children's lives. Look what they're saying about us.

Gunnar Hoglund

Ole Miss University Graduate

Victoria's Prep helped me achieve the score I needed to get into Ole Miss and even earn extra academic money. Her strategies continue to help me with my exams in my college courses. Thank you so much.

Isabella Mendez

University of South Florida

Thanks to Victoria's ACT strategies, I scored in the 30s, excelled in Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment exams, and achieved success in all my classes. This enabled me to complete my Associate Degree one semester ahead of my high school graduation.

Jack Mariano

Pasco Commissioner

Anyone who wants to help their child maximize their potential for scoring on the ACT, I strongly recommend Victoria’s Preparatory Academy. Vicki Mudry is the best at teaching students on how to take this test!

Nico Fernandez

Sophmore at Harvard University

Victoria helped me get a perfect ACT English and Reading score. Because of her, I qualified for a full Bright Futures Scholarship and I will be attending Harvard University.

Vicki Wiwi

Mother of Garret

Victoria has made a world of difference in my son Garrett's academic career. He is at a D2 college and thriving. Not only did she raise his ACT scores, but she also gave him the confidence and endurance he needed for his assessments. I can’t thank her enough.

Jack Muzar

College Bound

Victoria Prep wants to congratulate Jack on his FGCU hockey season. All of his hard work in academics and in the rink has paid off. Best of luck for an awesome season, we are so proud of you Jack

Ms. Mudry

Throughout my illustrious 24-year teaching career, I have harnessed my expertise and profound knowledge in education, fortified by my esteemed Masters in Education degree. With my advanced qualifications, I possess the unparalleled ability to engage, motivate, and foster collaboration among students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community. Through my unwavering commitment to professional literacy development and the demonstration of exemplary educational practices, I have consistently propelled student achievement gains to remarkable heights. My journey as an educator stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those I have had the privilege to teach.

Ms. Victoria Mudry, M.Ed

Specialty: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing

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